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New location in Louisville, Colorado
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Whether it’s Beatles, blues, bluegrass, classic rock, country, pop, jazz or current hit songs, I’ll teach you how to play by ear, read tablature and/or notation; whatever is best for you.

I’ve been helping people learn to play the music they love for over twenty years. I’ve guided many young players through their school years and into college. My recording workshops have helped many kids enhance their applications to top universities.

My rates are flexible based on a sliding scale depending on the length and frequency of lessons and what you can afford.


When I started lessons with Dave I could barely play a chord, sing a note in tune or keep a steady rhythm. He helped me so much that I was eventually able to join a classic rock cover band, sing lead and play solos! All thanks to a great teacher, Dave Shapiro. Marc S., Retired corporate executive

Dave recorded a guitar instrumental demo that helped me get into University of Pennsylvania. He’s a great player, producer and recording musician. Noah K., NYC tech professional

Dave is a wonderful, talented soul, and the best guitar teacher I could ever ask for. I take pride in learning from someone as patient and thoughtful as he is. His passion for guitar shines in his lessons, and he never fails to do his best to make sure I understand what we’re playing together. Because of his lessons, I feel confident in my playing and am always looking for new songs to learn together. Dave goes above and beyond to make sure you not only become a better guitarist, but an overall better musician.Rita R., College grad

After taking a 50 year break from guitar lessons, I was blessed to know Dave Shapiro. Dave evaluated my skills and knowledge and explained to me where I had “missing skills or knowledge”. He then listened to what I thought my goals should be, and guided me to establishing the best game plan for me…. A guy in his late 60’s playing in band with youngsters in their early 60’s.

Thanks Dave for all your help, guidance and wisdom. Good luck in Colorado. I miss you already!The Rockin’ Grandpa of Morristown, NJ